Investing with control makes happier investors.
Our plans have virtual ‘do over’ and ‘accident forgiveness’ provisions IRA-LLCs don’t.

Make a mistake? The penalty could be less than 1% of the IRA penalty.

Why risk it? Protect your life savings by using the right kind of retirement account.
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You get an industry exclusive, full-money-back, guarantee with us.

We’re not sure why others aren’t willing to back their plans. We are though; and we think that says something.

100 days. 100 percent. Simple as that.
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Create the Retirement You Want

Use your knowledge and time to make your retirement dollars grow instead hoping the stock market works out. Self directed Solo 401ks (and IRAs) are safe, let you invest the way you want, give you flexibility, power, and offer big savings over mutual funds.

Our mission is to help every client earn safer, higher, returns… and we offer an industry exclusive full-money-back guarantee to prove it.

  • We give some of the best information available on the differences between Solo 401ks and IRAs and how to select the right one for you.
  • Curious if an investment you want to make is possible? Check out a sampling of the investment options available. Real estate, gold and silver, startups, options, private placements, and hard money lending are just a few. (Or just talk with us about any specific situation you want to be sure of.)
  • Our frequently asked questions tackles common questions we get in plain English. And our “Thinking about Self Direction” page is a book in itself. If you’re not sure if checkbook control is what you’re looking for or not, it’s long but useful.

We have a network of professionals, a decade of experience, and an outstanding knowledge base ready to help you. Work with us – we provide the best value, exceptional tools, and service you deserve.

Want a real-live-person to explain what you can do and answer your questions?
Just call 888-595-7313 or shoot us an email. We’re happy to help.

Why us? Ask them.

M. Grau
M. GrauNew York
Thanks for all your help in sorting through these options. We greatly appreciate your insights! With the excellent service you provide hopefully you’re building ever more client base.
C. Shima
C. ShimaOhio
Thank you so much. Buying silver & property overseas is amazing. I can’t wait to get to use this account more. I hope all is fabulous with you and yours.
G. Sparks
G. SparksCalifornia
The sophistication of your approach is worth every penny. It’s amazing how few people understand what can really be done with these accounts. Thank you for taking the time to explain it clearly.
Tommy & Debi
Tommy & DebiNorth Carolina
Thanks for always getting right back to me. You are the best! We’ve been very happy with our returns and with you. I’ve passed your number on to my son-in-law.

(The testimonials are from clients but for privacy the pictures are not.)

We’ve all taken different paths in life, giving us different skills and comfort zones.

Self directed retirement accounts are really just about investing in what makes sense to you. This simple freedom will give you the returns, and safety, you deserve.

>> Invest the way you want

Invest in ways basic ‘self directed’ accounts can’t.

Tax lien or deed sale? The best deals are at the ones that requirement payment at the time of bidding. Something you can’t do if you have to send in an payment request.

Buy real estate, cars, tools, gold or silver coins… just as easily as if the funds were in your pocket. Negotiate a note and execute the contract; no waiting or investment packages to get signed off.

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Why Us? Or Why This?

  • It’s legal, fast, and easy. …a rare combination in life.
  • We have the tenure and real-life experience to make a difference for you.
  • Getting the best value for your money matters.
  • We provide the best support (and cover the largest range) in the industry.

IRA or 401k? What’s the difference?

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