Joshua & Justina Sharp
Joshua & Justina SharpFounders & Partners

The five W’s of CompleteIRA

Who are you? Why don't you have dozens of sales people?
We’re a small business. It’s mostly Joshua on the phone unless we’re travelling, and then it’s one of our trusted reps we’ve worked with for years.

…We have hundreds of sales people, or none. It depends how you look at it. Financial planners, tax advisers, attorneys, insurance and mortgage brokers… from across the nation they send their clients to us for our services and expertise.

Paid sales staff? No. Excellent referral force? You bet.

What do you that's different than anybody else?
We take the time to talk with you about your situation and needs before and for years after you’ve signed up. The commitment to help our clients make good use their plans is rare.

We also offer several plan types: No putting a square peg in a round hole here. And just to make sure you’re at ease we offer an industry exclusive money back guarantee.

When did you start doing this?
Over 10 years ago. From high net worth financial planning to selling off that practice to focus on self directed accounts; we’ve seen the creation of the Roth 401k, and many other changes in tax law. It never stops being interesting or lacking in opportunity.

Our love of real estate and physical assets in our own investing makes each day fun (since it’s largely what clients want to talk about too).

Where are you located?
Washington. Right on the Columbia River across from Hood River, Oregon is a small town ‘Where the sun meets the rain.’ …but don’t worry. Our internet is fast and our UPS deliveries arrive quickly.

(Also, if you need me or one of our trusted partners for a speaking engagement we have easy access to both kayaks and

Why do this instead of just focus on investments?
It’s interesting and satisfying.

I love talking to people and seeing all the ideas they have for their retirement money. Helping them be safe, offering better support, and talking about ways to make more (and save more in taxes) is a huge perk for me.

Getting to be a part of helping people confidently use their retirement account outside the stock market isn’t a bad way to spend the day either.

About CompleteIRA

We’re a small firm that treats you the way we’d like to be treated.  We offer a great value and will give you every penny back if you don’t agree.  Just give us a call or shoot us an email. We’ll be glad to help.

CompleteIRA started with three financial planners frustrated by the lack of real diversification available for our clients’ IRA and 401k money just over a decade ago.

Everywhere we looked broker-dealers wouldn’t allow real estate or physical gold/silver coins. You can hardly imagine how they responded to the idea of a retirement account making a loan to, or an investment in, a local business. We served savvy, capable, people. They had the skills to grow their savings… but they were forced to keep their money in Wall Steet?

There had to be something better.

There was something better. Full, complete, control of the account by the client. All inside the law, and all available to every kind of retirement savings you could have.

We provide support and act as the “back office” for a variety of financial planners, CPAs, Realtors, and other professionals who want to help their clients invest on their own terms.  It’s our privilege to help professionals and clients nationwide.

While I breathe – I hope.

Charities we support (thanks to you)

WatsiMedical Treatment
Watsi does amazing, accountable, medical fundraising. Think of it like a series of life-changing kickstarters. Every dollar you give goes toward the exact treatment you opt for. Nothing to promotion or administration. Check them out. You’ll barely believe how easy it is to alter someone else’s future for the better.
Child's Play
Child's PlayGamers Helping Kids
Being in a hospital isn’t usually any fun. Child’s Play is an awesome charity devoted to supplying hospitals games of all kinds for kids and families to play while they are there. I’ve spent too much time in the hospital with a hurting kid to not love these guys. It’s not vital like ‘blood’, but a distraction and a smile run a close second.
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity(re)Building Families' Dreams
Habitat for Humanity is fantastic group that helps people with a hand-up. Habitat homes are (re)built and sold to families at no profit. Mortgage payments are used to build more homes. Along with the cost of the home, the homeowners invest hundreds of hours of sweat equity into building their home and homes for others.