Invest in more than the market. You can get higher yields and better diversity by including alternative investments. The opportunities are endless for any retirement account under the tax code.

You just need the right kind of structure to take advantage of them.

What’s listed here is just a sampling. Each of these ideas we’ve invested in ourselves. People need better options than what they get from their stock broker or money magazine; so we share these ideas with the public and our own sources and trusted suppliers with our clients.

Email or call 888-595-7313 with any questions about a particular arena and we’ll be happy to help you or your planner. You’ll be glad you did; and you’ll be working with people we trust to do the right thing.

Established Builders and Private Loans

ConstructionYour funds are usually secured by a particular project, sometimes by multiple holdings. Duration varies, as do the terms, though fixed rates of 9%-15% annually are common, with several percentage points added to the loan at origination.

Knowing the developer and researching each project is paramount to reducing risk to principal. If done correctly, this can be an excellent method of yielding above average “fixed income.” Done incorrectly, well… remember what caused the whole credit crisis in the first place?

A CompleteIRA plan is much easier and cost effective for this type of investment.

Gold or Silver

Gold CoinsBuy physical metals. Coins and bars have never been easier to purchase within a retirement account. Investors who seek to own the metal (instead of a piece of paper that says they own the metal) are thrilled by the privacy and cost savings our plans give.

We have a perfectly legal and valid way for your retirement account’s physical metals to be stored much closer to you, and much more privately, than some vault in New York or Texas. Any serious gold investor should talk to us about the improved privacy and lower costs of ownership our approach offers.

A basic self directed account is all that is needed to acquire the metal, but the privacy and location are poor, and costs are all much higher year after year. For improved privacy, location, and ongoing costs, a CompleteIRA plan works best.

Real Estate w/ High Rents, Short Sales, and Foreclosures

Lisbon HousesPurchase real estate anywhere in the world. The current market has created excellent opportunities for people with cash available.

You can even finance the purchase (regardless of your income/credit too). Leveraging your IRA/401k assets. $50,000 in retirement money could control $100,000 or even $1,000,000 in property. This is the only way we’ve seen a $50,000 account become a $750,000 account quickly.

Your time involvement can be as high or as low as you like. We can make recommendations for Realtors or lenders familiar with self directed retirement accounts; or assist your current one.

A CompleteIRA plan is required to achieve the control and improved taxation desired.

Startups and Private Placements

StartupInvest in startup businesses or private placement.

Leverage your choices in equity markets. It couldn’t be easier with an account from us, and it’s difficult or impossible without. The world is changing. Small businesses are springing up and running profitably fast. Your retirement account can be a part of this revolution. Internet business? Overseas operation? You bet.

A basic account or a CompleteIRA will make the most sense depending on the how many of this type of investment you want to do (or the complexity single placement).

Discount Mortgage Notes

chartInvest in “discount notes” purchased from banks and other lenders. Your funds are secured by real estate (we only buy first mortgages ourselves), usually with a degree of safety such that home values would have to tumble another 30% prior to any concern over principal.

Funds are illiquid – only available if you sold the note to someone else or the borrower refinanced. On the other hand, we’ve seen returns of 12% annually as a norm, and twice seems repeatable with planning (though no rate of return can be assured).

As part of a fund or pool, a very basic self directed account may be best. If you buy notes directly from the lenders yourself, a CompleteIRA plan would be the better tool.

Currency Trading

currencyCurrency investments can help protect you from US economic concerns.

While we believe that is important for a diversified portfolio it can be both lucrative and risky. An understanding of the trading firm and its audited history should be required before even considering investment with any group.

There are traders with decade long records of success to manage your funds. Currency trading is the area we see the wildest claims and the least understanding by the public (If there really was a piece of software that traded (successfully) while you played golf do you think you could buy it for $5,000? Or even $50,000?)

Several very reputable and skilled teams we work with would be happy to talk with you or your planner about your situation.

A basic self directed account is all that is needed unless your trader or trading platform says they don’t work with IRAs; then our structure can fix that.

Tax Liens or Tax Deeds

Tax LiensProperty taxes are vital to any local government. Tax liens (and deeds) on the property can yield higher than what an investor could get for a bond of comparable risk. Research of the property is needed to prevent buying a $10,000 lien/deed on a property that’s only worth $5,000.

Evaluating these investments, we think, is easier and more straightforward than knowing what lurks in a mutual fund. These investments are largely a mystery to the public and only people who can bring cashier’s checks can buy in a lot of counties. This is a huge window of opportunity we genuinely want you to check out.

A CompleteIRA is required to act quickly enough to handle the buy-and-pay-now auctions on liens/deeds that tend to offer the best returns.

Life Insurance Settlement Pools

Insurance ContractDid you know that all those policies that people around the globe let lapse often don’t really lapse?

There’s a strong secondary market for these policies, and large companies and investors in-the-know have been making sizable, fairly stable returns for years by investing in large pools of these policies. They offer excellent diversification, along with historical returns well above the stock market (clearly it varies pool to pool in a material way).

Before (or after) looking around the net, contact us and we’ll give you the names of several firms who will treat you well.

A basic self directed account is all that is needed for most pools. If you plan to buy from several pools our structure would be an easier and more cost effective tool.

Tenant-in-Common Property

apartmentsSmall or very large properties are available. You can receive stable cash flows that are currently above AAA bonds in payout, plus your portion of the appreciation (if any) when the holding period is complete to help fight the effects of inflation (something bonds don’t protect against).

Total annualized returns are roughly 8%-13% historically, though no appreciation is promised in most cases. Interaction or monitoring of the property by the investor is usually none, and the rent payments through some providers are stabilized (reducing concern over the vacancy rate). Be careful to evaluate the property AND the provider as the return and safety (like in the bond market) is only as good as the collateral backing it and the people running it.

A basic account will work fine for most TIC offerings. If you plan to do several (or make other investments too) then a CompleteIRA will be the best way to go.

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