Risk Disclosure

Investments can have very technical qualities; terms and conditions are very important. Please review any potential investment carefully with appropriate counsel prior to investing. CompleteIRA does not provide investment advice. Any investment may not be suitable for any particular investor, and opportunities or general concepts on our site are listed solely to show that investing opportunities exist outside the stock market. Secured investments range in their level of security; it may be possible to still lose principal. There have been declining real estate markets before, and there will be again. Insurance companies have failed to pay claims. Governments have defaulted on bonds. The risks and rewards for any investment may be greater or lower than you are personally willing to accept. It is your money; invest it wisely.

A special word about currency trading
Currency trading offers potential for great gains, but also potential for great losses. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to understand and accept them in order to invest in the currency market. Do not trade with money you can’t afford to lose. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to any shown on this site or in our materials. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of futures results. Currency trading can involve the use of leverage and considerable financial loss can occur.

Whenever you view hypothetical performance results remembver they have definitive limitations. Unlike actual performance, hypothetical or simulated results do not represent actual trading. Since the trades have not actually been executed in real time, the results may have under-compensated or over-compensated for the impact of certain market factors such as low or high liquidity. No representation is being made that any account will achieve profits or losses similar to those shown on this site or in our materials. Substantial risk is involved.

A note on destressed debt
Buying bonds, mortgage notes, tax liens, and the like has been very popular with self directed investors. Indeed many have found great success. Remember safety of principal is only assured by the collateral provided. If that is a lien on equipment, remember equipment sales rarely see a value the seller is pleased with. If the collateral is the value of a home, remember that properties in Michagan have sold for $65,000, and then $1. That is the same property; just two years later. What would have happened if you loaned $30,000 on that home? Your collateral would be $0 now; that’s what. Literally billions of dollars have gone up in smoke in the debt market when people thought it was safe and secure. Please use caution and wisdom in both evaluating debt investments, and in how much money goes into any one place.

As mentioned in our Terms of Service/Use, we may or may not have a financial interest in anything we talk about or recommend doing. It’s more than ‘unlikely’ our thoughts could move markets, nor are our ethical standards so low that a referal fee would lead us to recommend something we don’t already use or support (clearly we have no political future), none-the-less please keep in mind that your money is your responsibility alone. Think and ask the hard questions. Get outside help whose only payment comes from you, and is for advice alone, if you aren’t able to evaluate it properly yourself. This sounds reasonable, but it sure would have saved a great number of people (including ourselves) a great deal of money over the years.

Even the best of ideas can fail, make sure diversity maintains a position in your portfolio.