The Solo 401k is the safest retirement account.  It protects your savings in ways an IRA can’t.

Choosing your own investments is great.  Putting a target on your back isn’t.  The horror stories you hear about the IRS wiping out IRA LLCs are justified.  The penalty for a simple mistake in your IRA is full distribution, plus taxes and penalties… absolutely destroying your retirement savings.  Over a simple, innocent, mistake.

The Solo 401k is different.  It has a different code base.  One where having checkbook control is natural.

Real estate and other ‘non-stock’ investments are expected.  It has virtual ‘do over’ and ‘accident forgiveness’ provisions so it’s a less attractive audit target.  Make a mistake?  The penalty could easily be less than 1% of the IRA penalty for the same mistake.  Protect your life savings just by using the right kind of retirement account.

Solo 401ks give you real control and real safety.  The combination you need to have the retirement you want.


They also let you invest in more things, with more people, and not pay taxes an IRA would.

Want to co-invest with a spouse? With a Solo 401k, you can each add what you want, when you want.  With an IRA it’s a ‘to-the-penny-or-face-ruin’ accounting hassle, and you can’t add more money later or distribute separately.

Want to invest in physical gold or silver coins?  Our Solo 401k plans allow more options than any IRA and you can safely (and legally) store them more places.  Buy different coins based on what’s a better value where you buy (in or outside the US).  IRA accounts have limited choices and even using an LLC doesn’t necessarily fix the storage issue in the eyes of the IRS.

Want to leverage real estate?  Retirement accounts can pay cash for properties or put 20%+ down and get a mortgage for the rest… with a Solo 401k that means leveraged, tax free, income.

…but in an IRA, even a Roth IRA, taxes will have to be paid and a complex tax form filled out each year if there is debt on a property. Same investment, two very different returns depending on what structure you choose.

Want to factor your business’ accounts receivable?  Earn the flooring costs of your dealership?  Get in on a privately held startup?

More options, more safety, less hassle.


People assume with all the advantages the Solo 401k costs more.  It’s certainly worth more to investors.  …but the price is actually lower.

In most cases it’s both less expensive to setup and less expensive to run year after year than any other option.

It’s an even better bargain for situations with more than one person in the plan (like a married couple or business partners).  If you hold several different assets or have an account with an above average balance you’ll be amazed how much more affordable these are to setup and run than a regular self directed IRA account (or even a ‘free’ mutual fund account).

So What’s Next?

We’ll help you through the whole process, step-by-step.  These work just as well as we say and you’ll love both the control and simplicity.  If you disagree we’ll give you a complete refund.

We believe in what we do and honor the trust you put in us.  It’s as simple as that.

Talk with one of us today and see if this is a good fit for you (and get some additional reading) by calling: 888-595-7313